Floral Hats


Product Description

These floral hats are extras made from remaining materials. They go well with any outfit, and will look great on any doll!

Made from bronzed cotton and linen fabric, and garnished with a beautiful faux flower and leaves.

These are produced in limited quantities.

Fits: Pullip, Blythe, Dal, Byul, Obitsu 23/25/27cm small bust, Jerryberry and Momoko dolls

Hand-sewn Doll Carrier


Product Description

These are the very same doll carrier that all my custom Pullips travel in to their new homes.

This is a cylinder-shaped carrier, completely designed and hand-sewn by yours truly here at the Sugar Lattice studio.

Cotton fabric is used on the outershell, and soft flannelette fabric on the inside so that your doll’s faceup will be protected without abrasions or rubbing. In between the two layers are lined with a thick quilt batting to provide some cushion for the doll.

Inside the carrier, there are 2 stretchy lace straps to hold the doll in place – one on the waist, and one around the feet. A long, matching color ribbon is used to tie the carrier closed on the outside as finishing touch!

Note: There is no shoulder strap included. This doll carrier is not intended to be carried over your shoulder during travels. This is strictly a protective case to keep your doll safe during travels.

Dimensions: 33 cm Length x 10 cm Wide x 10 cm Tall

Fits: Pullips in original bodies or Obitsu bodies.

You pick the print pattern for the outershell only. The pattern for the inside flannelette fabric and the outer lace ribbon color is of my choice.

New print patterns will be added periodically as old ones become unavailable. Please check back often!



Product Description

I’m decluttering to make room for more dolly things! These items are from my personal doll closet collection that I collected in my first 2 years of getting into the hobby. Most of these items are very used, in second/third-hand condition, with normal wear and tear or minor discolorations – hence the prices. If that bothers you, please don’t buy.

You can view the prices for each item by selecting the item letter from the drop down menu.

Please read the following carefully before buying:
A : White sun visor
B : Pullip Clarity’s Hat

Fits: Pullip, Blythe, Dal, Byul doll heads