Dreamy Doll Wig


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M7’s Dreamy doll wig is made of light-weight, heat-resistant fibers. It comes braided and in two ponytails. This is a unique and beautiful doll wig, very smooth and easy to comb back into place.

Note: Does not come with any props or the pom-pom hairclips in the photos.

Style: Front-facing bangs, wavy

Length: Long

Material: Heat-resistant fibers

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Head Size Reference:
• Pullip: 25cm (8-9″ or 9-10″)
• Dal & Byul: 22cm (8-9″)
• Isul: 25cm (8-9″ or 9-10″)
• Taeyang: 24.5cm (8-9″ or 9-10″)
• Blythe: 26.67cm (9-10″)

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All photo credits to M7.

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Light Blue, Blonde Pink, Brown


8-9" (22-24cm), 7-8" (17.5-20cm), 6-7" (15.5-17.5cm)


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