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Carmenred’s Daphelia Dress is part of her Spring 2019 series.

Similar to her 2018 Daphne Dress series, the style is the same but the items are different. This dress is made with high-quality cotton fabric, double-layering the bottom half of the dress. Beautiful lace hem, lace decorations and cute ribbon bows. There are a variety of beautiful pastel colors to choose from!

These are produced in limited quantities and will not be repeated or reproduced ever again in the future.

4-piece outfit:
• dress
• collar
• underskirt
• necklace

Fits: Pullip, Blythe, Dal, Byul, Obitsu 23/25/27cm small bust, Jerryberry and Momoko dolls

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Handmade with love by Carmenred.

*Note: All other background props, petticoat, and shoes are not included.

Preorder only – please see our FAQ page for more information on how to order

All photo credits to Carmenred.

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Aqua, Red Bean, Sky Blue, Petal, Blue, Tea, Jade, Periwinkle, Lavender


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