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Carmenred’s Dollybear Loli Dress is one of the few limited edition dresses from her Summer 2019 series that I was able to get my hands on during her inventory clear out. If you have missed any of her older works, this is the perfect time to snag yourself one of these beautiful dresses as her production rate has significantly reduced since the pandemic started. Every single piece in each set is 100% handmade, hand-sewn and a lot of blood, sweat and hard work was put into the concept and design of these dress sets.

Beautiful lolita piece that any doll would love to wear and own! Can be mixed and matched with other pieces from her previous outfits.

These are produced in limited quantities and will not be repeated or reproduced ever again in the future. This is an in-stock item, and will ship out directly from me, so there is no 1-month shipping delay.

9-piece outfit:
• full body dress
• skirt
• corset
• shawl
• apron
• headband
• dress accessory chain
• flower bouquet
• teddybear plushie

Fits: Pullip, Blythe, Dal, Byul, Obitsu 23/25/27cm small bust, Jerryberry and Momoko dolls

Only 1 left in stock


Handmade with love by Carmenred.

*Note: All other background props and shoes are not included.

Preorder only – please see our FAQ page for more information on how to order

Some photo credits to Carmenred.


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