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Lizdolly’s Bunny Snow Boots has the cutest bunny ears sticking out from the shoes. They fit nice on a variety of different doll feet, and will look great in any cute outfit.

Please use the provided measurements below to see if the boot will fit your doll’s feet.

Regular Size Shoe Dimensions: (best for Blythe, Obitsu 24, Pullip, Momoko)
• Outer length: 3.2cm
• Width: 1.5cm
• Boot height: 2.7cm

Small Size Shoe Dimensions: (best for Obitsu 11, Dal, Byul)
• Outer length: 2.4cm
• Width: 1.3cm
• Boot height: 2.4cm

Fits: Pullip, Blythe, Dal, Byul, Obitsu, Jerryberry, Azone Pure Neemo, Lati-yellow and Momoko doll feet

Note: It is advised that these shoes be worn with socks or stockings for Pullips, Dals or Byuls feet.

Pullips are technically in-between the 2 sizes, if you want a very tight fit (no stockings/socks used), can go for the small size, if you intend to use socks/stockings on the feet, then pick the regular size.

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Handmade with love by Lizdolly.

*Note: All other background props, and clothes are not included.

Preorder only – please see our FAQ page for more information on how to order

All photo credits to Lizdolly.

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White, Khaki, Brown, Grey, Dark Pink, Pink, Blue


Small Size, Regular Size


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